Attention: Women Who Are Sick Of Struggling With Emotional Eating, Compulsive Eating & Bingeing Who Want To Finally Make Peace With Food

Discover how to change your relationship with food forever, let go of stress, and feel at peace with your body.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret about emotional eating.

How To Heal From Emotional Eating Golda Poretsky

Golda Poretsky, HHC Certified Holistic Health Counselor & Body Love Coach

Emotional eating cannot be “fixed” by traditional methods.

You know exactly what I’m talking about, because you, like me, have probably tried it all. Portion control. No eating at night. Low carb. Low fat.

You pile on the rules and you stick to it for a while and then, something happens. You have a really stressful day at work. You get some bad news. You get angry at someone that you can’t express your anger to.

And then it comes, like a flood. The desire to eat. Even if you’ve had your allotted points/carbs/calories for the day. Even if your body feels stuffed and you know you “shouldn’t” want more.

And, of course, you’ve been taught that it’s your fault. So you feel guilty for the binge and then you just want to eat more.

How Do I Know This?

I know this not just because I’ve studied it (though, I have) and not just because I see clients every day with these same struggles (though, I do). I know this because I’ve lived it.

I spent 24 of the first 28 years of life on every diet you can imagine. From Atkins to Weight Watchers to diet pills to my own “Drink-Lots-Of-Coffee” diet, I know all too well what it’s like to live on the emotional and physical roller coaster of dieting. And I know, also, how those moments of emotional and physical stress sent me into bingeing behavior that I tried to hide even from myself.

You can probably relate – you learned that you can’t trust your body, that you can’t trust it’s signals. You also learned, somewhere down the line, that it’s not safe to express certain emotions, whether it’s sadness or anger or even happiness. You never learned how to be okay with you or how to express what you need to express.

It’s not easy to heal from all this. So you’re frustrated or worried about what to do. I’ve been there too.

In my heart of hearts, I knew that this was no way to live. But I had to figure out how to change it.

What I Did Next

About five years ago, I made a deep commitment to doing whatever it takes to change this cycle of emotional eating for good.

I finally figured out what it really takes to heal from the pain of emotional eating (and I’m going to share it with you…).

Today, I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I eat delicious food and love myself for it. I look in the mirror and see myself with love, owning my beauty, my body, and the depth of who I am. And I have a community of positive, empowered women who support me and one another in appreciating the full embodiment of who we all are.

I read every book on intuitive eating that I could find, I attended seminars, studied nutrition in depth, did everything from counseling to skinnydipping.

While on this rocky road to recovery, I found out what works and what doesn’t.

Then I synthesized the best-of-the-best into my own system for healing body image and eating issues. I used the 80/20 rule. I took the 20% that was truly the best (that gave me 80% of the results), and tossed the 80% that didn’t work so well.

This took years! So I can save you a lot of time – literally years of time – by shortcutting the process and just showing you the best methods and what really works. And in my view, having real support is a key differentiator between a struggling emotional eater and a woman who is able to heal from emotional eating.

So, let me ask you a question…

What would it mean to YOU to heal from emotional eating?

I mean REALLY be healed, so that you know exactly how to feed your body what it needs?

So you NEVER have to spend a single moment worrying about and feeling guilty about food?

“Thanks to Golda I now have a sane relationship with food.”

What I loved about working with Golda was the way she tuned right into what was going on with me. She could tell that there were areas in terms of food where I was advanced and zeroed in on the areas I needed to catch up on. Her approach is totally personal. And her style is so warm and accepting that I felt comfortable diving into my body image and eating issues. Thanks to Golda I now have a sane relationship with food. I did wind up losing weight but that was almost a side benefit to feeling like I am now able to nurture my body and cultivate health and well-being. What a gift!”

Maya Gangadharan Cameron, Michigan, Founder of Everyday Goddess TV

You see, what I’m providing here is a lot more than a system for how to eat and how to feel good right now. It’s an opportunity to design the life that’s perfect for YOU.

Once you’ve “cracked the code” of healing from these issues, you’ll never look back.

So, my dear, you are cordially invited to join me for:

“How To Heal From Emotional Eating–A 3-Week Home Study Series”

I am very excited to invite you to join me in my program, “How To Heal From Emotional Eating–A 3-Week Home Study Series.”

In this 3-session workshop, I’ll share powerful strategies and step-by-step actions you can take to heal your relationship with food, whether you are new to the idea of healing this problem or you’ve been trying for years.

Imagine no longer having guilt about how much you ate. Imagine feeling like food is nourishing and delicious, rather than a source of pain and punishment.

I will show you the exact step-by-step methods I use with private clients every day.

I’m curious, where are you with your relationship with food?

Have you tried intuitive eating methods but haven’t been able to stick with it?

Or have you been dieting then bingeing forever and can’t imagine a solution?

Then this series is designed precisely for you.

“There really is life after disordered eating, and so far it is wonderful.”

I decided to work with Golda because after years of living with the remnants of an eating disorder, I wanted to be completely free. From a teleclass, her blog, and my Body Love Breakthrough session, I could tell Golda is warm, creative, and non-judgmental – the remedy to the failed attempts with mainstream counseling I’d tried before.

I expected to learn to eat more mindfully and to get to the root of my issues with food and exercise. By working hard with Golda’s guidance, I have done this and more. She taught me to connect with my body in a way I never have before and really tuned into the issues holding me back. No problem was too out there or difficult. The sense of self trust I’ve gained has taken the stress out of areas of my life I didn’t even realize were related to my issues with food and exercise.

There really is life after disordered eating, and so far it is wonderful. I recommend the program to anyone ready to put in the work to make a change and give up on behaviors and attitudes that are negatively impacting life.

S.B., Colorado

Yes! I want the How To Heal From Emotional Eating 3-Week Home Study Series!

Here’s a TASTE of what you’ll discover when you join:

These are 3 of the key areas that I’m going to cover during the training telecalls:

1. Strategies For Clearing The Obstacles That Keep You Eating Compulsively

In this first content module, I’m going to share with you the exact step-by-step methods I use to clear the way for a better relationship with food.

You will quickly and clearly begin to see your own patterns, and receive support in healing from these patterns. This is different from any book or diet or plan you’ve ever tried, because we’re going to look at your triggers and patterns from a place of compassion and healing, rather than sweep them under the rug with portion control and rules.

2. Techniques For Learning And Knowing What Your Body Really Needs

Do you ever feel like you can’t tell the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger?

Do you only recognize that your full when you can barely move?

It’s awful to feel so disconnected from your body and its needs.

That’s why in this module, I’m going to show you simple, easy to use techniques that will help you connect to your body right away. You’ll learn to distinguish physical hunger from emotional hunger, so that you can really feel comfortable in your body again!

Yes! I want the How To Heal From Emotional Eating 3-Week Home Study Series!
3. How To Become “Emotionally Fluent” So That You Won’t Have To Turn To Food Any More

Have you ever wondered what you’re supposed to do with your emotional hunger? If you don’t eat, then what?

In this content module, I’m going to share with you some of my best
secrets for dealing with your emotions so that food isn’t your only solution.

You’ll get clarity on how to safely experience your emotions, so that you can finally feel at peace with your hunger, your needs, and your body.

Yes! I want the How To Heal From Emotional Eating 3-Week Home Study Series!

Here’s What You’ll Get In Your How To Heal From Emotional Eating Teleseries:

1) 3 Training Calls with Golda Poretsky, HHC of Body Love Wellness

Three recorded training telecalls are included, where I walk you step-by-step through the strategies, tactics, and mindsets to heal your emotional eating. I make it really easy to listen in — you can just press a button on the private, members-only site, or download them and listen to them on the go. That’s the great thing about this program — it fits into even the busiest schedule!

2) Powerful Support Resources, Including Step-By-Step “How-To” Templates

You’ll receive specially designed “homeplay” assignments that will show you exactly how to do the techniques discussed on the calls.

3) Special Bonuses That You Will Love

You’ll get access to Golda’s transformational talks on using the divine feminine to let go of stress around food and weight. Plus, you’ll have the option of signing up for a free Food Mood Transformation session with Golda to support you in making sure that your transformation really “sticks.”

Yes! I want the How To Heal From Emotional Eating 3-Week Home Study Series!


“Yes, Golda, I’m ready to heal my emotional eating!!”

When I join the special How To Heal From Emotional Eating Series, I will receive:

  • Instant Access to the “How To Heal From Emotional Eating” Home Study Series Training, including 3 Training calls taught personally by Golda Poretsky, HHC
  • A Wealth Of Powerful Support Resources
  • Bonus Recordings
  • Bonus, Private Food Mood Transformation Session With Golda

Get The How To Heal From Emotional Eating Program

Your Investment: $147

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“I’d spent a lifetime trying to get where I am now.”

Working with Golda was a pleasure. I looked forward to our calls each month, and I think the main reason was because I knew that no matter what, Golda would be supportive, encouraging, and she’d offer me valuable insight and information. Golda even indulged my foray into yet another diet. It was almost as if she knew I’d come to my senses on my own, and I did!

Putting Golda’s suggestions to work has resulted in a new relationship with food. I now stand for my body; I eat when I am hungry, choosing healthy foods that my body asks for, and I stop when I am full. Sounds simple, but I’d spent a lifetime trying to get where I am now. Golda’s approach of support and encouragement mixed with really smart and useful information has been the key to my new relationship with food, and it feels great!!!

AA, Connecticut

I look forward to getting to know you better and to working together.

Warmly,How To Heal From Emotional Eating Golda Poretsky

Golda Poretsky, HHC

Founder, Body Love Wellness

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